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Photo a Day January

January 31st, 2014

Last year, I took a stab at the whole 365 photo challenge. I also failed. I couldn’t keep up with it, I lost interest in it, I started to feel a little meh about it. I would love to look back on 2014 and have a photo that represents each day, and this year I think I have developed a different strategy on how to accomplish this. Each month I will attempt to take one photo each day. I hope that in taking it a month at a time, it will be more attainable. I would also like to have each month have a different “theme” ( if I can think of enough) . ha!

January was iPhone photo month. I chose to do this so that I was forced to get to know my camera phone a little bit better, and also understand the different (fantastic!) photo apps that exist for iPhones. Having a decent camera on your phone provides such an awesome opportunity to capture little life moments even if you don’t have your “nice” camera with you. I meant to get my instagram account up and running (and actually, you know, use it) but I really just ended up learning about the A Beautiful Mess App and the VSCO app , both of which I loved!

Here they are, 31 photos from the month of January, posted with an optimistic spirit for the year to come!

Photo a Day January_141 Photo a Day January_142 Photo a Day January_143 Photo a Day January_144 Photo a Day January_145 Photo a Day January_146 Photo a Day January_147 Photo a Day January_148 Photo a Day January_149 Photo a Day January_150 Photo a Day January_151


recent read // the best stories of Sherlock Holmes

January 30th, 2014


Just a couple days ago I finished the Best Stories of Sherlock Holmes. I picked it up at the thrift (where else!?) a couple years ago for about fifty cents or so. I put off reading it because I didn’t know entirely what to expect from it, but it turned out to be a really fun read! The only reference I had to Sherlock Holmes were the movies with Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. , and the show Sherlock. The book was not as glamourous as either of these, but it was full of adventure! So full of adventure that I am left wanting more! I want more cases for Sherlock to solve, more interesting cases brought to him by his brother, Mycroft . More cases solved with the aide of his most trusted colleague and friend Watson….I want more I say!

On this note, I feel a Netflix Sherlock marathon coming on strong! I haven’t really delved too far in to the show yet, even though I have heard raves!….I think it’s time.


photo a day December (roundup)

January 14th, 2014

The bad news is that I have not had the opportunity to throw my attentions at the scores of blog ideas that have flooded my head as of late, but the good news is that I am getting so many things done in my personal life sofa in 2014! I want this year to be the year of finding my voice and getting my shit together! So far , so good. Although it did just occur to me that I hadn’t posted the rest of the images from my “Photo a Day December” Project. Here they are in all their collaged glory! I did it, and it was really fun! So fun that I am continuing with a Photo a Day January project (which is also going very well, more to share this week about that and my other goals! )DECEMBER_134 DECEMBER_135 DECEMBER_136 DECEMBER_137 DECEMBER_138


inspire me monday // the call of the mountains

January 6th, 2014

I have written about the call of the mountains before today. Well friends, they are still calling. Living in Florida my entire life, I have led a (literally) flat existence. Last year, we had the pleasure of shooting a friend’s wedding in Ohio and not only experiencing some true fall weather, but also hills, curves, and a lot more visual interest. I want to spend as much time as possible in a more interesting setting. No more are the vacations to Disney World for this girl…instead take me into the mountains!

I give you….mountain-y goodness //

mountain love_129


//mountain love_130

1 // 2

1.These little wooden things are supposed to be simple DIY Christmas trees…but of course that’s not what I saw when I looked at them….those are little wooden mountains friends! 2. Yes, this is a mountain scarf, but would’t it be beautiful used more as a tapestry?

mountain love_131


H&M sells home items online…did you know this? My mind was BLOWN. They are selling this fantastic mountain range shower curtain….what a great way to bring the mountains to me!

mountain love_132


Lovely little mountains pillows! I love this one found on Etsy…but there’s also an awesome DIY on Design Sponge. If I could only sew…I might just learn in order to have a plush mountain range live on my couch!

mountain love_133


Matt and I are planning a pilgrimage into the mountains this fall! I could not be more excited! :)


just lovely // Frances Ha

January 5th, 2014

There’s a film on Netflix that I have become a wee bit obsessed with. Frances Ha.  Anyone seen it? It’s truly strange, and lovely. Greta Gerwig (whom I love!) stars, it’s entirely black and white, and it’s extremely unapologetic. 
 If you have Netflix, and are looking for something lovely to watch on a quiet afternoon, I highly recommend Frances Ha. This is my very favorite scene.
I had and idea for a new occasional feature. A sort of Netflix roundup? A recommendations list? Something along these lines. There is a lot on Netflix and sometimes it’s hard to know which ones are worth watching. I would love to share my recommendations, and would absolutely love to hear yours! 
Whatcha think?