inspire me monday : fall festivities

Allow me to get down to some gritty honesty with you guys. If I may. I am exhausted. This month of craziness has been…well so much crazier than I was prepared for. But I miss writing and connecting with you guys in the same way around here. I feel like with all the intensity in my life as of late ¬†(including a bout of flu that took over the entire week last week) that I have left my blogging voice behind somehow. I had a few lovely ladies ¬†shares some posts with you for a couple of our very busiest weeks this month, and now that it’s time to get back to it…..I think I kind of forgot. But I really miss you all, and I’m excited to jump back in!

With that in mind…I bring you the regularly scheduled “Inspire me Monday”

This week’s inspiration? Fall festivities! I feel like I have missed a lot of them (aside from our trip to the Fruit Farm in Ohio) while we have been living out our whirlwind October. This has left me with a serious need to bake some cinnamon treats, carve some pumpkins, make and hang pretty garlands and paper bag blooms, and watch all those favorite fall films. Come’s time to snuggle in and be festive darn it!


1 // 2 // 3


1 // 2

Don’t be shy to leave me some links to your favorite fall DIYs and recipes that you think I should give a try!

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