saturday link love

I bumped around all of my favorite blog-stops this week to share some more lovely links with you my lovely readers!


Deer Circus : on weirdness

“revel in your weirdness — it’s the only way”

this has been sort of my mantra this week.and my comeback.

as in…”don’t mess with me man, I’m reveling in my weirdness.”  ;)

A Beautiful Mess : Gold Leaf Honey Bears

This d.i.y. is so stinking adorable! I have always just loved those little bears that dispense such a lovely sweetener! And now those lovely Red Velvet ladies have gone and made them even more lovely and adorable! 

I love these simple ideas that can add so much personality to your packages!


Wit and Whistle : Cardboard puppy crowns!

Okay, you guys know that I was all about this when I saw it! Not that Daisy would ever wear it….but I still adore it! All puppies need little crowns! Stinkin’ cute!

Design Love Fest : washi tape journals

Bri comes up with the most adorable and simple d.i.y.s ever! She has done it yet again! These washi tape journals are perfect…adn definitely on list to make for handmade Christmas!

Did you stumble upon anything lovely this week that you want to share with me?

I love a good link! :)

Have a fantastic Saturday all!

2 thoughts on “saturday link love

  1. Brittni

    Thank you for including me in this lovely roundup. I have been loving those gold leaf bear vases from A Beautiful Mess and am happy to see my color block project alongside it. :)

  2. Brooke

    AH I love the washi tape journal! So simple and cute. And of course I love Deer Circus all the time.

    Happy Saturday! I just found your blog, and I love it. I’m excited to be your newest follower :)


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