inspire me monday : super secret project…

It’s a new week! I may have mentioned a secret project last (inspire me) Monday. Well, today, I am going to share a bit more about it! If you read this post  or this one , you might already know that I once had an all consuming obsession with party planning! I am in the process of pulling together a little shindig to take place after the New year! It will be a colorful affair, and I’m pretty sure I want to find a fantastically quirky piñata! I haven’t gotten much farther than the desire for a piñata and a possible color palette.

Here are some thoughts…..


I love these colors together. And the more and more I look at it, the more I am liking that peachy-goldy kind of color.

1 // 2

I want everything to be fairly “mis-matchy” and definitely have a handmade vibe. ( I will add this touch by doing just that. Hand making most of the decor)  ;)


I love the craziness of this painting but I also adore the color combo!


These are so the new party hats! Forget those cone shaped things!


Tassels and fringe may be in order. Hmmmmm.

1 // 2 // 3 

This rocket ship piñata is sort of melting my heart..well, that, and those fabric scrap goody bags!

1 // 2

I could do kind of an arrow or chevron theme? Also, this color

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Pretty color combos! How bout string art?or balloons?


More tassels.Enough said.

( Only I would definitely make my own. Sorry Confetti System, you are a little too rich for my blood.)

There you go, a little peek into what my party planning brain has been up to lately…there are surely a ton of inspiring pins, party menus, behind the scenes, and updates coming in the future!

Got any ideas to add into the mix? Please share!  :)

6 thoughts on “inspire me monday : super secret project…

  1. Squid Dumplin

    I love every single thing about this…. and you know I would die for those flower headbands! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE…..LOVE!

  2. Krysta

    You should get into party planning, your ideas are cute and you have an eye for color schemes! Something I saw in an Ikea catalog was the idea of using sheets for table cloths, and putting random tables and chairs together for a bigger dining area. In the catalog they ripped a sheet in half and put each half on two square tables that they put together to create a bigger one. Then they pulled up random chairs around the table and it looked comfortable and relaxed. The tattered ends of the table cloth also looked cool and gave it more of a handmade/family feel than an expensive dinner party atmosphere.

    I also came across a cute buffet table design that might go with some of things you’re planning at your party (from what I could tell from your pictures of triangles and flowers)
    See picture 4 of the table here:

    Happy blogging!

    1. Sara Post author

      Thanks for the link! I can definitely see mixing something like this in! :)
      I love finding ways to make events more creative (and cost effective) like using sheets instead of tablecloths ect…

      Thanks for the ideas Krysta!

  3. Noelle

    I just bought the most divine colorful napkins and tray from IKEA today that would TOTALLY match this theme! I’ll text you pics. You need them for sure, and they were dirt cheap. Heck, you can borrow mine! (Not the napkins though, cause that’s just gross.)

    1. Sara Post author

      Oh yes please, text away my friend! I guess I need to take a little trip to Ikea myself and see what they have!
      I still can’t get used to having an Ikea that is so close..dream come true! :)


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