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The Poor Porker : A Little Green Makes Everything Better

Listen….if you are going to have plants in or around your house, you should probably have them planted in something interesting…you know like vintage sewing machines, or toasters. For more neat-o planters head over to The Poor Porker !

Caught on a Whim: Mason Jar Match Holder

I found the blog Caught on a Whim this week written by the lovely Erica. I fell in love! This lady is seriously resourceful and she’s got impeccable taste too! Check out this sweet mason jar match holder diy! A reader of hers commented on how perfect this would be for a camping trip..and I agree. (even though you will probably NEVER catch me camping) I still think it’s swell. :)


Michelle of Wishful Thinking wrote THIS awesome post about “sorting” out your perfect wardrobe!

(I am the pun master..follow the link to see what I mean)


Sometimes Sweet : Thoughts on Sharing

I have followed Danielle at Sometimes Sweet for quite some time now. I love the perspective that she has on motherhood, style, and life. This post is about being genuine on her blog and sharing her true-t0-the-minute feelings rather than keeping things all shiny and happy all the time. ¬†It brought some questions that I have been asking myself to true light. When you write a generally positive lifestyle blog…how much sharing is too much sharing?

Caught on a Whim: DIY Neon Edged Boxes

Erica, you have done it again! I have just found you and I already love you! These neon edged boxes are fabulous (and I NEVER say fabulous…my loved ones can attest to this) …but these really are fabulous!I will be making some to give as Christmas gifts for.sure.


Promise Tangeman : Neon Orange in The Desert 

( so, I normally do my links with the color green. But come on , I couldn’t help myself )

Promise Tangeman is so very stylish! Check out her sweet outfit post .And video! You won’t be sorry you did.Promise ;)


Secondhand Sundays: I blame it on Caravaggio

Bekuh is such an inspiration to me! I love this post about her artful influence .

How striking is this photo? I think the light is so very lovely…I don’t know why but it just captures me.

Follow the link to read more about her adventures in photography!

Sleepy Northwest : Blue Whale

Allie of Sleepy Northwest writes about her trip to a fun little tourist stop near Route 66 called the Blue Whale….I want to go to there.

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